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50,000 A.D. the Awakening epub

50,000 A.D. the Awakening.cJ Jack Bergeron
50,000 A.D. the Awakening
Author: J Jack Bergeron
Page Count: 410 pages
Published Date: 27 Apr 2014
Publisher: J. Jack Bergeron
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
Type: PDF
ISBN: 9780987846884
File Name: 50,000.A.D..the.Awakening.pdf
Download Link: 50,000 A.D. the Awakening

What happens when a person from the 21st century wakes up 50,000 years in the future? You might say that Henry Matthews is the luckiest man in the universe. When an asteroid impacted North America, his head along with all his thoughts and memories were protected and preserved, allowing him to stay alive for 50,000 years. * What does this far future hold? * Total peace? * Long life? * Enlightened Democracy? . . . or something else. 50,000 years in the future Henry Matthews is about to embark on a journey of great discovery. What does this future think of him? Since their own ancient record of human existence only goes back 35,000 years, trillions of people are startled to discover the existence of an unknown ancient history when Henry awakens. However, some refuse to believe human history is older than 35,000 years, so that could only mean one thing. Henry Matthews must be something other than a human being. v. . . but what? This science fiction book also tries to establish relationships between 'ancient' and 'new' by comparing a few aspects of the different cultures and languages that you would expect to change over these vast periods of time: does the hero of the story manage to figure out what the new languages he encounters evolved from? PART 1 - How Henry Matthews finds his way to 50,000 A.D. after the meteor apocalypse. PART 2 - How he is discovered and what anxiety and/or thrills it causes in these future galactic alliances in both a political and spiritual way. PART 3 - Henry is revived and his relationship to this new era is exposed. PART 4 - Destroyer of worlds, cultures, or empires? This section has an answer.

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